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It was mid- February, the time when hundreds of millions of Monarch Butterflies (Danaus Plexippus) begin to wake from their semi-dormant winter rest in the in the SierraMadreMountains in Michoacán, Mexico and prepare for their spring migration south.

Three friends and I were fortunate enough to visit one of these sites in the Mariposa Monarca Biosphere Reserve within the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt pine-oak forests.

It is three hours from the delightful colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, where I am living , to the butterfly sanctuary in the mountains. It is a beautiful trip, through the hills of Michoacán. Tiny colonial towns and villages dotted verdant hillside.

We ascend into the mountains of cloud covered Oyamel firs (Abies religiosa or the Religious Fir tree, so named because its top branches form a cross.)

Here is where the Monarch butterflies over winter. Oyamel firs grow only at…

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Writing/Painting/Pilates/Scuba/Travel and animals...anything that won't pay the bills. I'm an unintentional nonprofit I've worked with children in Bosnia, crocodiles in Mexico, frogs in Puerto Rico, egrets in Bali, mushrooms in Montana, archaeologists in Spain and planted butterfly gardens in South Central Los Angeles. The butterflies wish I had chosen a different location. Check out my website and read a story, or better yet buy a book, painting or audio. UnfortunatelY, All of the profits go toward animal rescue.
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