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I am very pleased to announce the audio productions of both Pandora‘s Card Game

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And The The Truth of Fiction are in progress.

Pandora’s Card Game is a collection of short tales, linked by a connecting story.

(I wrote this book, or rather pieced it together, in 2011.

I got the idea from Ray Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man.”

ray and me

When I told Ray, “Ray I’m stealing one of your ideas.

” He gave one of those guileless, full-bellied laughs, so

full of life and joy, the sound was like an embrace and said, “Great! Evie! Go out and steal some more!”  Ray talked and lived in exclamation points. )

To return to the point…

In Pandora’s Card Game, The sisters, Fate, Destiny Chance and Luck are playing cards beneath a new October moon when an ill wind destroys the game.

Game over, the sisters decide to tell stories. Each card tells a story.  They range from fanciful to tragic.

I won’t give away the end, but I will say that the book ends in a battle between the forces of despair and imagination.

I’m thrilled to say that the book has gotten very good reviews. And I’m delighted to announce that an audio version of the book is now in production and will be out in February 2018. It will be read by the wonderful Genevieve  Sibayan.gen

From the stern, oldest sister, Fate, to the silly, blonde, brainless, beauty of Luck, Genevieve brings each character and tale alive.

The second book,  The Truth of Fiction is also a series of connected stories. Is told by three friends, Meryl, a nurse, Josh, and accountant and Jessie, an artist, who go to a magic wood in search of The White Hind of Truth. Hinds are usually red, but this one was white, lacking the pigment of lies, It was rumored to contain THE TRUTH in its antlers and hooves. It was said that anyone who captured the Hind and cut off its horns and hoofs would be forever freed from the pain of illusion. Meryl and Josh imagine that the truth will be a fine brave thing to possess. Jessie is just along for the food. She figures THE TRUTH is overrated and probably subjective.

As the three friends search for THE TRUTH, they discover old stories, fables and fairytales made new, truths about themselves, and the meaning of friendship.

Miranda Reading-Spring narrates this piece and even if you don’t like the book, you’ll love her reading! Her voice ranges from comic to tragic, cascading through an entire symphony of emotions with seeming effortlessness. Miranda

Both books will be available on Audible.  in February.

You can get a free book on a trial if you aren’t a member. It’s  great to listen to while cleaning, cooking, exercising, gardening, or if you’re trying to ignore someone.

I’m also VERY pleased to announce that for the first time ever I’m having a release of Book I of my children’s series  Emily and the Feathernail in print, with footnotes, as it was meant to be read.

BookCoverImageEmily and the Feathernail was written in those long-ago days of 2004, a mythical time when people read books made of paper and pages. In that faraway age footnotes were sometimes used to give you more information, or in this case misinformation, about parts of the story, or to explain overly long words. I painted the cover, but the notes and text are illustrated by the incredible Richard Weaver whose drawings are simply marvelous.

The Kindel version also contains his illustrations, but not the footnotes.



Because of the footnotes, the print version is usually the one I would recommend, but golden-tongued Simon Prebble read the audio version of The Adventures of Emily Finfeather: The Feathernail and Other Gifts. Simon is one of those guys whose rendition of the periodic tales will have you on the edge of your seat. He can make the densest of Russian novels, light as the fluffiest angel food cake and a calculus syllabus as easily digestible as brown rice.

I’m also delighted and excited to announce that both Blood Prism and Electric Detective will be coming out this winter


Blood Prism is a literary, romantic, horror, thriller that spans time and place. The story deals with AIDS in vampires, Native American tribes, Greek Gods, gold rush madams, robber barons, and the unsavory mating habits of orchids.

It’s Penny Dreadful meets American Gods






Electric Detective, the first in a series is an LA noir Science-fiction Detective novel.  It’s Humphrey Bogart meets The Man in the High Castle.
A hard-driving detective is struck by lightning. The bolt jolts the biophotons in his brain, enabling him to talk to electricity and see into other dimensions.


So get ready to listen and to read.  I’m running some Goodreads giveaways and some specials. Stay tuned.

And to quote my dear friend and brilliantly funny author, Gini Koch” Please buy some books. The meds aren’t free ya know!.”



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