In Which The ALBINO PINEAPPLES sell some poems –

My father, who was a writer started a writer’s group that counted, among others, Ray Bradbury in its members. So,  having gotten a taste for that sort of gathering, I thought I would try to start my own.

It is not quite what I desire because I wanted to have it in my house, as daddy did, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

One of our illustrious members,

  • Charles Christian – Ex-barrister , best-selling non-fiction author, publisher at, Urban Fantasist Radio and occasional carnivorous gardener.

Lives in England.

Charle’s housearrowcharles


  • Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein – President at The Script Broker – a division of Noble House Entertainment Inc., & Adj. Professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts, and all-around sweetie

Live in LA arrowdev



  • Jenny Brundage, of Thermophile Productions, writer, producer, director, and actor, dreamer of dreams and cat lover

Lives in Phoenix


OOPS! Wrong Phoenix







  • Richard Weaver, medical illustrator, and general science geek

Lives in extremely rural Colorado



That’s Richard arrowLives in LA



and I,  E. E. King,  (Elizabeth Eve)  their illustrious leader

melive in open-minded, artistic, soulful Utah.

The Hills are alive with the sound of Mormons

That’s me arrow

They called me, illustrious leader- I’m only quoting! Some have greatness thrust upon them, and never often enough.

Given our disparate locals, gathering and discussing our new works over fine red wine and Manchego just wasen’t possible.

So, instead we play games –games

We were writing a novel together – trading chapters – it was fun.

We had glamorous, exotic seductress’, murderous albino midgets, and pineapples,




hence the name of our gang- The Albino Pineapples 


But to edit the book into something saleable is more work than we desire – at least it’s more work than I desire and no one else has come forward with an offer.

We haven’t written for a while now, but for a time we were writing group poems,

I would think of a word, season, emotion etc.,..then everyone donated a line or more, and I’d arrange them into a poem- It’s fun – I think we do really good work together.

Occasionally I’d send them out -We even got an honorable mention in Geminimagazine ‘s poetry contest.

But today, much to my delight I received this email.

“Dear Elizabeth,
I am attaching a contract so that we may publish your poems.
Thank you

Azoth Khem  Publishing 

They want to put Eight of our poems in

Till Death An Anti-Valentines Anthology Of  Poetry.

How cool is that?

In addition, I have two new books out – that are now in audio production

Pandora’s Card Game uuse card

The Truth of Fiction


and two novels, Electric Detective &  Blood Prism,BLOODED

coming out fairly soon


Click of the blue words for links.

And don’t forget to buy books, preferably mine.


About E.E. King

Writing/Painting/Pilates/Scuba/Travel and animals...anything that won't pay the bills. I'm an unintentional nonprofit I've worked with children in Bosnia, crocodiles in Mexico, frogs in Puerto Rico, egrets in Bali, mushrooms in Montana, archaeologists in Spain and planted butterfly gardens in South Central Los Angeles. The butterflies wish I had chosen a different location. Check out my website and read a story, or better yet buy a book, painting or audio. UnfortunatelY, All of the profits go toward animal rescue.
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