Feral Cats Publish Dear Leader Tales

A few months ago, I was trading story ideas with my friend; writer, and head of Feral Cat Publishing, Dan Kalin.  

“I bet there are a lot of funny stories about rotten leaders out there,” one of us said. “We could probably put together a great collection of tales.” And so, the anthology was conceived.

Dan is a good Leader

Dan neatly dealt with all the nasty stuff, and I got to read fabulous stories. I was amazed and delighted that we received tales from India, Africa, the corners of Europe and the edges of the Americas, the Middle East, the far East, and the Mid-West. It appears that death and taxes are not the only things that are ubications.

We’d asked for humorous or satirical fictions and poetry to help us weather this election year and we got many. I only wish we could have published more. There were so very many wonderful stories. They ranged from tales of incompetence and mustachios in World War I, to conniving cats, carnivorous deer and murderous vegetables.

I found it heartening to read the words of writers from all around the world and to see our similar needs, desires and longings made manifest through imagination.

We are all connected | Kat Kinnie's Blog

Dan also asked me to write the forward, which this is, mostly. It was a very great honor not only to work on this anthology but to be asked to introduce all of these amazing stories.

This is a timeless collect that will help you laugh your way through this and every season. We’ve always had bad leaders and we always will. But this is also a hopeful collection. A promise that we will continue to joke, and poke fun at our humorless, narcissistic oppressors and that with our words we shall overcome, or at least we’ll have a good laugh trying.

I thank all of the great writers who entrusted us with their words, I am sorry we could not publish you all. I am more than grateful to Dan Kalin, Sarah Kalin, and all the Feral Kittens. And I also thank you, gentle reader, for perusing these pages and allowing all of us, however briefly, to enter your mind and share our world with you.

August 23, 2020 E.E. King

Please buy this book and help support laughter and feral cats. https://feralcatpublishers.com/


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