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Writing/Painting/Pilates/Scuba/Travel and animals...anything that won't pay the bills. I'm an unintentional nonprofit I've worked with children in Bosnia, crocodiles in Mexico, frogs in Puerto Rico, egrets in Bali, mushrooms in Montana, archaeologists in Spain and planted butterfly gardens in South Central Los Angeles. The butterflies wish I had chosen a different location. Check out my website and read a story, or better yet buy a book, painting or audio. UnfortunatelY, All of the profits go toward animal rescue.


I am pleased to announce that “Pan de Muertos” Will be coming out in the romantic fantasy anthology, “Fated.” My story, as often happens, takes place in a magic town in Mexico – Usually, the magic town I base my … Continue reading

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GRUMPY OLD GODS 2 is available for preorder   Having lived and traveled in Mexico, where grumpy old Gods abound, I have many tales about Gods in retirement. My tale in this anthology Hotel Quetzalcoatl, tells about Quetzalcoatl’s hotel, logical right? “Quetzalcoatl had … Continue reading

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Notes from The Cloud Forest, Grumpy Gods, Cat Pix & the Secret to Happiness

    Near Monteverde, we stayed in a small windy cottage with a garden of tiny orchids, infested with burrowing Motmots. Seriously, they live in holes. Motmots look like someone has artistically brushed the silhouette of a bird in flight, … Continue reading

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Music, Bugs, Books, Travel and Cat Pix

I am writing this In a Costa Rican jungle where monkeys, scarlet macaws, and toucans are more plentiful than Internet signals.   This post will be a mix of travel blog and book news. I will tell you about one … Continue reading

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Feral Cats are the best

BUBBLE OFF PLUMB What do stories about ephemeral Martian settlers, fascinating dimensional rifts, Spanish-speaking hummingbirds, Loki’s children, WWII twins, hitchhiking swamp cats, a steam-punk octopus, Arkham card-games, using bad luck for fun and profit, demon home security systems, alternative criminal … Continue reading

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Cats READ – the best Anthologies of 2018

Oh, it’s been too long! Too long since I wrote about all the fabulous anthologies and onlines I’ve been fortunate enough to have been in! One of the best parts of being a writer is receiving and reading all these … Continue reading

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The Hamthology

  My story The Ham & Cheddar Coast is in The Hamthology! The Hamthology is a  Hamcentric anthology –  I’m a vegetarian, and I originally wrote the tale as The Cheddar Coast for Sally Short’s fabulous New Short Fiction series … Continue reading

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