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Books, Audio and more, OH MY!

I am very pleased to announce the audio productions of both Pandora‘s Card Game
And The The Truth of Fiction are in progress. Feb. release! Continue reading

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Remembering Ray, Daddy and the Bird that Got Away

  I ran into Bill Nolan at a Science Fiction convention and we began talking about Ray and the writers group. Bill said he had been to the group once… doubtless before my time. How many great writers have passed … Continue reading

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Improvisational writing!

Improvisational Writing This is what I’m Teaching at the San Miguel Writer’s Conference Should be a BLAST!!! Got Writer’s Block??? Get out from behind the laptop and Unleash Your Creative Writing Power through Using classic Theater Games Elizabeth Eve King … Continue reading

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Tales from San Miguel and Other Stories

I’m teaching a  story telling workshop with wonderful Mariana Williams, Producer of ‘Long Beach Searches for Greatest Storyteller’, a citywide event now in its third season. She’s also  the author of two novels.  and a damn funny lady….    Her tales … Continue reading

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