UPDATE on Financial Warnings Kindra Sailers of best interest financial gives you the WORST interest & Security Benefit is Neither

I invested with Kindra after my mother died. She set me up in an annuity that lost me a lot of money.
It gave me a tiny monthly income but would lose me the money that the annuity cost. I would have to live well into my 90’s to get out what I had put in.
Also, she took non-taxable income and made it taxable.

I pulled out and lost almost 20k – but it was worth it.
I invested with a great firm – Douglas Herdt CFP & John A. Brinkerhoff. Last year my investment earned roughly a small monthly income, BUT I did not lose the original investment, which is growing.

Also, I owe no taxes.
Kindra is very personable and will make you think she’s your friend- but keep your hand on your pocket!

Ms. Sailers has a 65 Securities License. That means passing one exam.
That’s less than the 9-month course required to be a hairdresser.

These programs take a few hours, or at most two days. In other words, Ms. Sailers graduated from the class of three o’clock.

I was not wise. Ms. Sailers completely convinced me she was my friend and could invest my money so that I could get a monthly income, which would increase and was safe.
Ms. Sailers told me that, if I should need it, most of my money was in “liquid cash.”
When I tried to access my money, Mrs. Sailors said, “I said that was what you have to pull from, not what you can take.”

My advice is, don’t let someone with only a single license plan your retirement or invest your money
There are good insurance agents in your community. A few of them do offer a wide assortment of investment products. Most don’t. The same could be said of stockbrokers who are generally selling stocks and not doing planning.

If you want a planner, you need to find a CFP – certified financial planner or a ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant. They are trained to help you make the best investment decisions.
The best is a CFP or ChFC who is also a RIA – registered investment advisor.
The “alphabet soup” of financial credentials and confusing terminology such as fee-only vs fee-based (sounds similar, but actually very different!)
Sadly, almost anyone can call themselves a “Financial Advisor”. And almost anyone does.
If you read all these great reviews it makes me sad- these are people just like me who ” are from people like me,- To quote Amanda C. ” I honestly have no idea, the market is hardly predictable and I do not have time to learn and master it. ”
Maggie S. ” She’s a great listener and as we started to work together and have gotten to know Dillon and the whole “family”.”
That’s what she does- take you in, make you feel part of the “family,” and take your money.
I had a lot of trouble believing she had ripped me off – but finally, through the advice of CFP, I got it.
Get a second opinion.


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