Kindra Sailers of Best Financial threatens legal action if I continue to write about my financial experiences or the continuing adventures of bad reviews

Years ago I hired a lawyer, Jerry Hill to represent me in an auto accident-
He wanted me to hold out for more money than I thought was honest. He wanted me to pretend to be more injured than I was.
There was a very ugly scene in the mediation when I disregarded his directions and settled.
I then wrote a bad review of him on yelp. He threatened legal action.
Since I was living in Mexico at the time, I said, “go ahead – Make mi dia– get an extradition treaty.”
Obviously he didn’t, but he did complain to yelp and got them to remove the review.
What I said was true but that never stopped anyone from crying slander, especially not a lawyer!

As readers may know, after my mother’s death I invested my money, inheritance and savings, with Kindra Sailers at Best Financial and Insurance Solutions.
I was not in a good mental state. Besides the death, job, marriage, home and family had all dissolved in a confluence of disasters.
Kindra confided in me and became my friend (I thought) I trusted her completely.
Three years later I want to three different Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) in Utah.
They went over my finances and we discovered that my investments were very bad for me.
It took me a long time to believe that.
However even the most gullible, when faced with numbers and understandable explanations must understand.

I wrote a blog
and have posted various warnings for a few reasons.
Mostly I wanted others to avoid my mistakes – Stay away from people who do not have a long track record and only have minimal licenses-
Kinda holds a 65 Securities license. – This requires ONE exam!
Even becoming a hairdresser requires a 9-month educational program …which is 9 months more than a 65 Securities license
Series 65
“In other words, the sad reality is that meeting the legal registration/licensing requirements to become a financial advisor is simply about understanding the relevant laws and products, and never actually involves demonstrating any competency in financial advice itself. Educational programs in financial planning and advice, and certifications like the CFP marks (or post-CFP educational programs beyond that), are purely optional, and while they are viewed as a “best practice” for advisors to have, the only actual requirement is a fairly minimal licensing exam. Which means there’s actually no such thing as a certified financial advisor (just a licensed financial advisor who has voluntarily completed the Certified Financial Planner designation), and you can technically become a financial advisor with no experience at all!

If you want a planner, you need to find a CFP – certified financial planner or a ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant. They are trained to help you make the best investment decisions.

The best is a CFP or ChFC who is also a RIA – registered investment advisor.

Sadly, almost anyone can call themselves a “Financial Advisor”.

I had been a CPA for many years with little knowledge that there were significant differences between those who call themselves “financial advisors”.”

All the CFP’s as well as the California Commission told me – That what Kindra does is not illegal – it’s just not good practice. It’s unsavory and (in my opinion) immoral, but legal.

Annuity sales people are coached to say you can “Participate” in the stock market.
That word is all important – it means if the market goes up (or too far down) you will not see gains because of the caps on your account.
If the caps are low are, it means NO GAIN for you… but you are still “participating” in the market.

Here are things to look for when getting financial advice, I’ve learned the hard way!
Look for CFP’s with a long history and addition education!
Avoid anyone with a single license.

Be wary of people who take commission up front. Good financial advisors take a percentage on profits, so their fortunes are tied to yours.

Be careful if they make everything seem impossibly complex. Good CFPs explain everything so that it is understandable.

They can give you a broad range of options. People A single license Cannot.
If this information can help a single person not lose money, it’s been worth writing.

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Be the change you want to see in the world – how many times have we heard that? But do I do that… well sometimes, but not enough –
So, here is a list of things in no particular order I’d like to share with you – It’s not a complete list – not even a partially complete list… but these are stories, websites and etc. I will add to and share with you because they have enriched my life and maybe, just maybe they will enrich yours.. Here goes…

Lady Bird Johnson
Bet you didn’t expect that!
Most people don’t know, or don’t remember, that Lady Bird, started the Wildflower Center in 1982 to protect and preserve North America’s native plants and natural landscapes.
It’s a comprehensive and condensed field guide .

“The Appropriation of Cultures” by Percival Everett, read by Ruben Santiago-Hudson.
This is a fabulous reading of one of the most brilliant shorts ever.

Parallel Lives With Guest Host Ruben Santiago-Hudson

Thank you Percival Everett!

Mariana Williams
Author, producer of Long Beaches Search for the Greatest StoryTeller –
Mariana is a comedian, writer, producer and all around force of nature – so glad to have her in my life

Best Friends
and the Utah Humane society pet=MFZZvbrLvHNchGGBL7jNFGz2E5VGs3FZ&activated=1
This group Pawboost has been wonderful and helpful – They send out emails – many for free – I STILL have a missing kitty ((((
El Tigre and I’m very sad, but hopeful – however I want to give praise where it’s due – THESE GUYS ARE GREAT!

Find Your Lost Pet
We email a copy of your missing pet’s flyer to local shelters, vets & volunteers for free! We’ll also email you a printable copy.

for helping animals

more graditude to follow

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Financial Warnings! Kindra Sailers of best interest financial gives you the WORST interest & Security Benefit is Neither

I am writing this Blog to help others to avoid my financial mistakes.
Specifically I’m strongly advising you to avoid -titled “financial advisor” Kindra Sailers, Founder and CEO of Best Interest Financial & Insurance Solutions Inc. and Security Benefit Annuities
The years between 2013- 2015 were very difficult for me. My job of sixteen years was over, my marriage was over, my friends had moved, I had no place to live and my mother was dying. I cared for my mother, but when she died the family broke apart. It’s sad, but not uncommon.

My sister introduced Ms. Sailers to me after my mother died. She had bought an annuity from Mrs. Sailers and had been given a big signing bonus. Later, after my problems she discovered it was a bad deal, but that’s a side issue.

I inherited a little money from my mother, and also had a mix of investments including IRAs, mutual funds, and cash.
Most of my money was tax-free and penalty free. Now it’s not.
Ms. Sailers sells annuities, which, in my opinion, and according to the three Certified Financial Planners I have talked to, are very beneficial for her and very bad for the investor.
She invested all of my tax free- penalty money in annuities with heavy penalties and taxes and no growth.
My fault for trusting her – for not doing are research – but that’t why I sharing the info.
Ms. Sailers has a 65 Securities License. That means passing one exam.
Even hair dressers take a 9 month course.

These programs take a few hours, or at most two days. In other words, Ms. Sailers graduated from the class of three o’clock.

I was not wise. Ms. Sailers completely convinced me she was my friend and could invest my money so that I could get a monthly income, which would increase and was safe.
Ms. Sailers told me that, if I should need it, most of my money was in “liquid cash.”
When I tried to access my money, Mrs. Sailors said, “I said that was what you have to pull from, not what you can take.”

My advice is, don’t let someone with only a single license plan your retirement or invest your money
There are good insurance agents in your community. A few of them do offer a wide assortment of investment products. Most don’t. The same could be said of stockbrokers who are generally selling stocks and not doing planning.
If you want a planner, you need to find a CFP – certified financial planner or a ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant. They are trained to help you make the best investment decisions.
The best is a CFP or ChFC who is also a RIA – registered investment advisor.
The “alphabet soup” of financial credentials and confusing terminology such as fee-only vs fee-based (sounds similar, but actually very different!) is enough to make your head spin! Sadly, almost anyone can call themselves a “Financial Advisor”.

If this information can help a single person not lose money it’s been worth writing.

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Interview with R. J. Davies Mornix

R. J. Davies Mornix is a writer with as much moxie as her character Dice Maddox.Smart and directed. Maybe it’s because their last names both begin with M. I mean really… consider all the Marvelous, Moxiful, M words …
Maybe I should change my name to Ming?
Her marketing smarts and preparedness make me gasp (and masp) in admiration. She’s pursing the art of writing like it’s a business, with identifiable goals, tasks and targets.
Wait … could it be  that it is…

Today we’re discussing her MADDOX FILES SERIES
Maddox Files: Back To Business            Dice Maddox, a private investigator in Toronto, is pursuing her first case back after a four year hiatus … but could her first case back be her last…

Me: When did the idea come to you?
M: I wanted to do a project that could test out the self-publishing industry. I wanted the main character to be a young woman. And I wanted it to be different … I have always love Science Fiction since I was young and when I was in my teens I devoured P.I. T.V. shows and books. It seemed to be a natural fit to blend the two together and that’s where I came up with the idea for Maddox Files: Back to Business
Me: How many books are in the series?
M: Right now I am at 7 books. 2-4 are done, Book 5 I am working on and books 6-7 are outlined.
Me: What’s your favorite part of writing?
M: I think it’s the process of sitting down at a blank screen or page and have words strung together that create this magic. Bringing characters to life and sharing their stories with others.
Me: Who are your influences?
M: There are too many to mention. I love Science Fiction and will read almost anything in that genre. If I had to pick one person it would be Stephen King … my first book in my first series called Quin’s Quest took almost 20 years to write because I fell into the trap of editing and re-writing as I was writing the first draft. After hearing Stephen King talk about writing and that the first draft is supposed to be crap it’s you telling yourself the story. The editing and rewriting is for your audience. After hearing that, it took only 23 days, starting over from the beginning, to complete my first draft of that book.
A 26-year-old Dice Maddox living in Toronto, Ontario struggles with her failing love life and a career she doesn’t love, decides to get back into a business she was once good at. Ryan Winters her first client was a confirmed bachelor until he had a small car accident, a woman named Lily Winters claims to have been married to him for 6 months. Digging deeper into Lily Winters, Dice soon discovers that she isn’t who she says she is- but wait -what is she? A demon? An alien? Will Dice Maddox’s first case back be her last?
Me: I wish you M – author, demon, alien or detective, the best of luck in pursuing and sharing your dream. Good luck M!

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Barnes & Noble:
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I am Psychic – Predictions from Dirk Quigby’s Guide to the Afterlife (all you need to know to choose the right heaven)

From : Dirk Quigby’s Guide to the Afterlife
(all you need to know to choose the right heaven)

“Due to the abnormally high rate of blackouts, static, electrical problems, and computer crashes, as well as the normally high rate of wars, plagues, pestilence, natural and unnatural disasters, rage and hatred, leaders of various denominations began predicting the End of Days with rising frequency. However, due to the normally frequent occurrence of such predictions, only the followers of each faith paid any attention.

and from today’s news

Mormon church issues call for calm as ‘blood moon’ sparks apocalypse fears

“Sunday night’s “blood moon” and recent natural disasters and political unrest around the world have led to a rise in sales at emergency-preparedness retailers. A rare confluence of a lunar eclipse and a supermoon to happen this weekend has prompted such widespread fear of an impending apocalypse that the Mormon church was compelled to issue a statement cautioning the faithful to not get caught up in speculation about a major calamity.blood

I’m so on target;) – not that that’s necessarily a good thing.

Also I predicted diamonizing the dead

“Did you know that anything containing carbon can be turned into a diamond? All you need is intense heat and pressure. They were making diamonds out of peanut butter in Silicon Valley just to prove the point. Well, humans contain carbon. What if, instead of burying the dead, we placed them in hot pressure chambers and diamonized them? It would free up a ton of real estate, and when a man gave the girl of his dreams a ring, it would not just be his great-grandmother’s ring, it would actually be his great-grandmother. Big families would be an asset. I’ve even conceived of the copy: ‘A Diamond is forever – shouldn’t your aunt Sadie be too?’”

and from the news:

Cremation Diamonds Made From Ashes

Cremation Diamonds are real, certified, high-quality cremation jewelry diamonds. A beautiful Cremation Urn alternative created from the cremation ashes of your loved one.
Cremation diamonds are a one of a kind style of cremation jewelry and a meaningful alternative to cremation urns. A true memorial to a unique life. Embrace your cremation diamond jewelry as a personal precious bond.

From NPR:

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. Now, they might also be her mother, father or grandmother.

Swiss company Algordanza takes cremated human remains and — under high heat and pressure that mimic conditions deep within the Earth — compresses them into diamonds.

Rinaldo Willy, the company’s founder and CEO, says he came up with the idea a decade LifeGemUSLab1280x978ago. Since then, his customer base has expanded to 24 countries.

Each year, the remains of between 800 and 900 people enter the facility. About three months later, they exit as diamonds, to be kept in a box or turned into jewelry.

Willy says about 25 percent of his customers are from Japan.

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In Defense of Literature or How Jason V Brock Became a Murderer

He had had never meant to become a killer.

It started, as so many things do, as an accident, a chance encounter in the Library of Masterworks. There were only heavy books in that library, tomes of literature. Most were old, bound in leather, engraved titles burnished with gold plate.

The man had dirty fingers. He’d smuggled a sugar-frosted, glazed donut into the library, even though food was strictly forbidden. His fingers were slick with greasy. Crumbs dropped onto the pages and squashed between the fine parchment obscuring important passages, obliterating words and images.

The librarian acted without thought or volition. It was self-defense.

He picked up “Darke Phantastique.” It was a new book, one of the few on the shelves but weighty. Over fifty stories, of horror, mayhem, and monsters, filled with weapons and the heavy artillery of words. He swung.

The man dropped, hitting the ground with a satisfying thunk like the slaming shut of a large book. It had closed permanently. The librarian filed the body behind the shelf marked M for murder.

It was only the beginning there was a whole alphabet to fill.


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The Life and Times of E.E. King – ( Ray Bradbury, Buck Rogers, egrets, monarchs and squirrels.)

The Life and Times of E.E. King – ( Ray Bradbury, Buck Rogers, egrets, monarchs and squirrels.).

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